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Bad Aadhaar Cybersecurity Tramples on the Right to Privacy

“Whenever a security researcher looks at an official government Aadhaar app, there are blatant privacy problems and sloppy cybersecurity, such as sending data over the Internet unencrypted . To compound this, Web portals linked to Aadhaar are left open for exploitation…’”
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What is Privacy Lab?

Yale Privacy Lab is an initiative of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School.  We explore the connection between privacy, security, and anonymity through hands-on software and hardware implementation, such as cybersecurity workshops.

Why does Yale need a Privacy Lab?

The Yale community is increasingly concerned about digital privacy and security, an arena that requires interdisciplinary collaboration. Yale Privacy Lab is a nexus for training and discussions about these contemporary issues, as well as a resource for cryptographic and anonymity tools. Read More…